Homemade Elderflower Iced Tea


Elderflowers are still growing. So, get up and collect some. Make with me refreshing elderflower iced tea, which will refresh you in these warm days.

Homemade elderflower iced tea is really easy to make. You need only 3 ingredients and it´s almost done. Iced tea cools pleasantly during these heats, mint gives super freshness and tastes amazing…

I prepared it little differently. I used only fresh elderflowers, elderflower syrup, mint leaves and lemons. Tea smells amazing, just like elderflowers. Lemons and mint leaves makes him soooo fresh and delicious!


  • expecting a visit? and you don´t have any drinks? prepare this NON-ALCOHOLIC drink, or just add vodka and you will have an ALCOHOLIC version of the drink
  • Let the flowers infuse long enough to make their taste more intense…
  • Prepare enough ice to make the drink even more refreshing
  • Don’t forget to decorate the drink, set aside some flowers, mint leaves and lemon slices. It will definitely look better right away… and your guests will immediately want to try it, because their eyes drink too 




Preparation Time:

10 min

Total Time:

10 min


  • 500 ml warm water
  • 6 Elderflowers
  • 400 ml cold water
  • 3 Lemons
  • Mint Leaves
  • Elderflower syrup


  1. Shake the elderflowers a little and put one of them aside.
  2. Pour warm water over the remaining elderflowers and let stand for approx. 10 minute.
  3. Fill a carafe with ice cubes, squeeze a lemon and pour it in. Slice the second lemon to slices, put 3. lemon aside. Add mint leaves.
  4. Pour elderflower water throug a sieve and add cold water.
  5. Pour the elderflower tea over the ice cubes. For an even intense taste, add elderflower syrup.
  6. Put ice cubes in the glass, add lemon slices and mint leaves. Pour in the tea and garnish with elderflowers.
  7. Cheers!


  • 800 ml iced Tea
  • if you don´t want to, you don´t have to put syrup, it is up tu you

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