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I am Zuzana!

Food stylist & photographer

I love delicious food and good coffee… Cooking, baking is my passion, so I decided to make a food blog. I tried all the recipes, took pictures. I tried until they were perfect.

The story of this food blog

Hi, I am Zuzana Torbiková. I come from Slovakia. How did I get into cooking? As a little, I was interested in cooking/baking… I started with pancakes, because my brothers loved them so I was “forced” to bake them.🙂

I was supposed to choose high school. I wasn’t sure which direction to go. I knew I want to study languages so I decided to go to the Hotel Academy.

And that’s where it started…

But I didn’t realize it yet…

During my studies at the hotel academy, I got to know the basic techniques of cooking, baking.

I did an exchange stay in Germany. I liked it so much, so, I decided to study foreign languages. I went to the University and started studying Translation and Interpreting.

During the holidays I constantly visited Germany, where I was working in Restaurant.

After the graduation I decided to go back to Germany. 

I was there on my own with no friends, no family…

After some time, I met my boyfriend and we started living together. I wanted to be the best cook possible because “Love goes through the Stomach”.

And that’s how I discovered my passion for cooking. I started with classic Slovak recipes such as cabbage soup, cheese dumplings…

Then, Christmas came. So, I started baking. Firstly just Christmas cookies then I tried Birthday cakes..

My boyfriend kept saying that´s the food was really delicious that I should make a food blog. I didn’t dare, but I started taking pictures of food. I didn’t understand how to take a proper photo.

Then I started to buy different kinds of plates, bowl, napkin, table cloths and began to take pictures of my creations. It was horrible … I was not able to take a proper picture..

I am not professional Photographer. So, the photos are not perfect, but I am still tring to impove me to get better resutls.


My recipes are neither special nor very complex. These are simple recipes enriched with other ingredients, old recipes made in a slightly different way, etc. I always put my heart into dishes and cook them with pleasure and taste them so that they taste not only for me, but also for the whole family.

I hope you will find what are you looking for.


Best regards,


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